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Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to common questions about working with insurance claims.

Does my roof have storm damage?
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If you answer yes to any of these three questions, there is a good chance your roof has storm damage:

  1. Do you have any dents in your metal gutters or fascia?
  2. Have any of your neighbors had their roof replaced?
  3. Do any of your vehicles have hail damage?
If I file a claim for storm damage will it affect my insurance rates?
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It depends on your carrier, but typically your insurer won't hike your rate since weather damage isn't caused by your negligence.  However, your rate may increase if you've filed multiple claims within the last three previous years.  In some cases, your insurer may not approve your claim and still require you to replace your roof due to its condition before continuing to provide coverage.

Can I choose to install better materials than my insurance claim covers if I agree to assume the additional cost?
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Yes, you can select a roofing product that costs more than what is covered by your insurance claim. Many homeowners choose to upgrade to an impact resistant asphalt shingle since they only have to pay their deductible plus the difference in cost.  We call this extra cost the “Upgrade Cost.”

Should I contact Luxe for a damage inspection before or after I contact my insurance carrier?
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If you are confident there is sufficient damage to your roof to warrant filing a claim, it's not necessary to wait for a contractor to inspect the property beforehand.  However, if possible it is highly suggested to have Luxe perform a proper inspection before the insurance inspector so you can share the findings and nothing is missed in his or her settlement offer.

Will Luxe be present when the insurance adjuster assesses the damage?
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We do our best to be present and answer questions during the insurance adjuster's inspection, but there are times when our schedules do not align.

Will Luxe negotiate with my insurance carrier on my behalf?
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Actually, it is against the law in most states for a contractor to negotiate with an insurance company on behalf of a policyholder. However, we will make sure that all necessary repairs are considered.

How soon can I expect Luxe to perform the work after an insurance settlement is reached?
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Once a claim is approved, we will work quickly with you to finalize the specifications and product selection. Next we place your material order and schedule our crew. The install should take one complete day in most cases. The entire process after settlement should take 2-3 weeks depending on weather.

If I have storm damage to my roof, will it be readily apparent?
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Luxe’s storm specialists are trained to identify surface damage from severe weather that may not be apparent initially but will continue to deteriorate over time. These telltale signs of storm damage may not be visible from the ground. Homeowners expose themselves to unnecessary risk when they climb onto their roofs and attempt to photograph storm damage.

How will Luxe identify and document storm damage to support my insurance claim?
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Luxe will mark and photograph damage and itemize materials and work needed to restore your home.

If I allow Luxe to inspect my property and give me a bid, am I legally obliged to use Luxe for the repairs?
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We will ask you to sign an agreement that commits you to use Luxe if we reach an agreement with the insurance company on scope and price.

What is a supplement?
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Supplemental is a settlement for additional work that is identified as required after the initial settlement agreement.

Will my insurance company pay me or my contractor? Will I get all the money up front or in stages?
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The insurance company will pay you directly and in stages and you will be responsible for paying Luxe the deductible and balance plus any upgrades.

What does an insurance adjuster consider when pricing the payout for a claim? Does the age or condition of my surfaces affect the payout?
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That depends. If you have full replacement value insurance the age of your materials will not matter. Your policy will cover labor and comparable new materials. Without it the adjuster will depreciate the value based on age and condition of the materials.

Another contractor said he would reimburse me for my deductible so the work costs me nothing. Will Luxe?
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It is illegal for a contractor to reimburse a homeowner to offset the deductible on an insurance claim.

If only part of my roof is damaged will insurance pay to replace the entire area so it matches?
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Most insurance policies stipulate that materials should reasonably match. If the existing product is no longer available or it is too worn to match new materials, you should push for total replacement.

What happens if additional damage is discovered after an insurance settlement is reached? What if materials cost more than expected?
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Insurance companies understand that some conditions cannot be assessed until demolition. If additional damage is discovered, you can submit a claim for supplemental repairs.

Can I finance my insurance claim?
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You may apply for financing and elect to pay for your roof over time rather than using your insurance proceeds to cover the full cost of the roof all at once.

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